Tuesday, April 13, 2010

trip to phoenix

Yesterday Daniel and I got back from Phoenix where we visited his mom and saw Muse in concert (twice). The above picture is Daniel & I hanging by the pool while Starla and Bruce were still at work on Friday. We were outside for about an hour and a half, soaking in the sun. Once they returned from work we went to Roka Akor, a Japaneses restaurant where we allowed Bruce to order for us. Of course I enjoyed the California Roll, and there was another one I liked, I should have asked for the name. From there we headed to downtown Phoenix for Daniel's favorite band (they are in my top 5).
The above picture was taken at the beginning of the concert. We were seated in row 11, which was perfect since the stage was higher then normal. The three towers behind us was actually a cloth that was dropped down once the band, who was inside the cloth, started playing. They had blocks that raised them up and down that also were used as projector screens. Hopefully Daniel will have some time to edit a video from the clips I filmed, the whole concert was amazing. I was not screaming or jumping up and down like so many other people, but it was midnight Indiana time and I had been up since 6am. All four of us had a great time though!! On Saturday we slept in til 10am there time (1pm our time)! But it was much needed! We spent the first two hours shopping at a nice outdoor mall of which the side walks were lined with colorful flowers that smelled beautiful. I ended up getting two sun dresses. Starla bought me a few things, including some earrings for Micheal and Kayleigh's wedding! Our afternoon was spent golfing! The picture below is at the beginning of the outing. These was only my second time golfing, so I didn't succeed. My favorite part was driving the golf cart with Starla as my passenger and seeing all the cute bunnies! Daniel did good comparing he just started golfing last summer and hasn't golf since!
On Sunday we picked up Bruce's daughter, Alex, to come with us to a radio station concert that was hosting a few bands, we went for 30 Seconds to Mars and Muse. Before we saw Percy Jackson and the Lighting Theft, which was good. It made me want to learn about the Greek Gods. The picture of us below is us sitting in the back of the concert field waiting for our bands to play. once we got there we realized it was definitely not in our comfort zone and we should have just spent the day with his mom! We listened to a few songs from Muse (the last band of the night) but as soon as a huge fight broke out next to us, we realized it was time to head, plus we still had a two hour drive back to Scottsdale!

Late Spring is the perfect time to visit the Phoenix area! The weather was perfect and because of all the rain from the winter the flowers were gorgeous! It is always great to visit with Starla and catch up on all the family gossip! Plus Bruce and Alex are great people, who I hope stay in her life for awhile! She is flying in for Mother's Day weekend! And hopefully I will see her this summer before or after Daniel is in LA.

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  1. I miss you guys so much already! What a fun weekend!
    Love you both so much!