Saturday, November 27, 2010

Its been awhile*

So, it has been awhile! The end of the summer went out on a high note: we moved in together and Michael & Kayleigh got married! This fall as been great, our apartment looks great and wedding planning has officially started. The dress was bought from David's Bridal and now is hanging up at my parents house. The church is booked for a 1:30pm traditional Lutheran wedding and the reception site is booked at the Brownsburg American Legion. The guest list is at 200 people, but not finalized. Save the dates are designed and will be sent out after Christmas!

I promise to keep in better touch!

Monday, June 7, 2010

the FIRST Dress*

My sister and I were on our way to Walmart for a quick errand, we took Main Street and passed that little boutique. I had noticed a dress a week ago with lots of beading that looked so pretty. So my sister talked me into trying it on. I should have had her take my picture, since it was the first dress. But although the beading was gorgeous it was just to much, I want something simple and classic so the search officially begins, today marks the day I tried on MY FIRST WEDDING DRESS! (above picture is not the dress i tried on)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paris Plates*

Isn't it awesome? I bought a set of four today at "Sur la Table" to be the main dishes for our dinning room! I have been looking for a Paris set for the last few months. I also bought these napkin rings!*~

Monday, May 10, 2010

Check Out

Check out my blog about everything else besides Daniel & I...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Change of Plans

The past few days Daniel has had to tell many of you that he will not be interning out in California for the summer. It has been very hard as a couple to figure out what to do and how to handle reactions. We do not like to disappoint anyone, but we believe Daniel is making the right choice. Doing this internship he was not going to get to be creative and the companies were expecting him to be there longer then a few months. If Warner Brother's contacts him and is okay with him only being there a summer, he'll be out there without even thinking about it!
His dad was going to have to pay for his Muncie apartment no matter where he was, so Daniel will be staying in Muncie. For the next few weeks he will continue to work with BSU to make a alumni video. He will also be getting ready to film the Fall of Gotham (set for this fall), be the President of Cardinal Filmworks (just announced tonight) and a couple of his own projects.

The only thing Daniel & I are sure of is:
We love each other
We are moving in together this fall
We will work hard allowing us to accomplish whatever we decide for our future

Moving to California in the next few years is not be disregarded. I personally do not like the snow of Indiana. Daniel also has made a few contacts with filmmakers in Chicago and would love to work on the third Batman movie that should be filming in Chicago next summer through the fall. We live with so many opportunities and we will definitely be using them.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy times*

I am currently sitting outside of Daniel's Media Law class. I was his passenger on his way back to BSU last night. Our current plan is to leave the campus around 3:15 (after his PE class) and head to the airport. He has a 6:15pm flight to Burbank. He has an interview tomorrow at 11am at Appian Way, a company owned by Leonardo Dicaprio, which deals on picking what movies he will be apart of. Then at 1pm he has another interview (at the moment I can't remember the company). Then he has to go to LAX to catch a flight home!

Today I also booked my flight for May 14, the day I head back to Indiana after driving with Daniel to Los Angeles! More on that later~ we will be spending the summer apart though! Bittersweet....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Julie & Julia

I am not much of a reader, but I do own a copy of Julie and Julia. When the movie was in theaters Daniel and I saw it together. I was really pleased with how the movie turned out. Anyways, I re-watched it tonight and while doing so I looked up recipes for Daniel and I to fix this fall.

Neither of us are really good at cooking. I never cook, never felt the urge to until recently, but I only want to cook with Daniel. Daniel never had to cook until California. That was a funny experience that dealt with a lot of burnt of food. So we ended up eating out a lot. But this time I want us to cook for experience. We aren't one of those couples that starts a fight if one of us messes up, so I think it would be something fun. We have to spend the money on food anyways, while not make it something special we do together.

So stay tuned for this fall and our adventures with cooking!!*

Cheap Find*

I was hungry for lunch yesterday so I drove to Wendy's to get a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger and I decided to walk into the Dollar Tree. I found this little bird as a cute little decoration, plus I bought three more* (He's sitting on magnets from Paris) Maybe a cute cake topper with another bird?*

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guest Book Pens

When we were shopping in Scottsdale on Saturday morning Daniel & I found these pens at Anthropologie! While in our apartment I might stick them in some fake flowers, but for the wedding they would be perfect as guest book pens!

trip to phoenix

Yesterday Daniel and I got back from Phoenix where we visited his mom and saw Muse in concert (twice). The above picture is Daniel & I hanging by the pool while Starla and Bruce were still at work on Friday. We were outside for about an hour and a half, soaking in the sun. Once they returned from work we went to Roka Akor, a Japaneses restaurant where we allowed Bruce to order for us. Of course I enjoyed the California Roll, and there was another one I liked, I should have asked for the name. From there we headed to downtown Phoenix for Daniel's favorite band (they are in my top 5).
The above picture was taken at the beginning of the concert. We were seated in row 11, which was perfect since the stage was higher then normal. The three towers behind us was actually a cloth that was dropped down once the band, who was inside the cloth, started playing. They had blocks that raised them up and down that also were used as projector screens. Hopefully Daniel will have some time to edit a video from the clips I filmed, the whole concert was amazing. I was not screaming or jumping up and down like so many other people, but it was midnight Indiana time and I had been up since 6am. All four of us had a great time though!! On Saturday we slept in til 10am there time (1pm our time)! But it was much needed! We spent the first two hours shopping at a nice outdoor mall of which the side walks were lined with colorful flowers that smelled beautiful. I ended up getting two sun dresses. Starla bought me a few things, including some earrings for Micheal and Kayleigh's wedding! Our afternoon was spent golfing! The picture below is at the beginning of the outing. These was only my second time golfing, so I didn't succeed. My favorite part was driving the golf cart with Starla as my passenger and seeing all the cute bunnies! Daniel did good comparing he just started golfing last summer and hasn't golf since!
On Sunday we picked up Bruce's daughter, Alex, to come with us to a radio station concert that was hosting a few bands, we went for 30 Seconds to Mars and Muse. Before we saw Percy Jackson and the Lighting Theft, which was good. It made me want to learn about the Greek Gods. The picture of us below is us sitting in the back of the concert field waiting for our bands to play. once we got there we realized it was definitely not in our comfort zone and we should have just spent the day with his mom! We listened to a few songs from Muse (the last band of the night) but as soon as a huge fight broke out next to us, we realized it was time to head, plus we still had a two hour drive back to Scottsdale!

Late Spring is the perfect time to visit the Phoenix area! The weather was perfect and because of all the rain from the winter the flowers were gorgeous! It is always great to visit with Starla and catch up on all the family gossip! Plus Bruce and Alex are great people, who I hope stay in her life for awhile! She is flying in for Mother's Day weekend! And hopefully I will see her this summer before or after Daniel is in LA.

View more pictures at:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting ready for Phoenix*

Tomorrow morning Daniel and I will be heading to Phoenix to visit his mom and see our favorite band Muse (British band, who rarely tours in the US), twice! His mom has taken care of us and as far as I know as always supported our relationship. As a couple this will be our 5th visit to her in Phoenix, but the first at Bruce's home in Scottsdale. I have only been around Bruce twice and we like him for the one fact- that he takes care of her and makes her happy. She needs someone to take care of her and we are luckily that she has found someone who completes her. We have heard from Lindsay that Bruce's house has a lot of character, she wrote about it in her blog
So, Daniel and I have had a busy week and we are really looking forward to coming! Daniel and I also get to meet Bruce's only daughter, Alexandria, who we are friends with on Facebook. I will either be blogging while there or shortly after I get back. Phoenix, here we come!*~

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Bedroom theme*

We decided to do our upcoming apartment bedroom like our wedding with the love birds in nature. The above picture is a little bird bath that I found at Micheal's Craft store. It only cost me $5! Below is the pillow we found at Walmart for $13.
The bedding below is the bedding we planning on buying. Since it is so green a lot of the stuff in the room will be brown, tan, and wood.
The picture below is something we would like to put over the bed. I am not sure if we will go with the one below, but it gives you an idea! (found on

Wedding Theme*

Below is the theme and colors we've decided for our wedding next Spring* But likely we will try to find a blue that matches*

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

David Gray Concert

For Valentine's Day I got Daniel & I tickets for the David Gray concert, on which we enjoyed tonight! I have only heard his newest songs when I listened to them at Daniel's apartment. So I only knew about three songs which were popular enough to be on the radio. But I was just happy enough to be holding his hand on a Wednesday night. :-)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Announcement of the Wedding Party

Tonight I officially invited Daniel's sister Lindsay and Daniel's future sister in-law, Kayleigh into our wedding party. The above picture is the card along with a pair of bird earrings that I gave to Ashley (my sister) on Friday. All three girls received the card along with the pair of earrings. This also means we will be adding Matthew Terry (Lindsay's husband) and Matthew Wilburn (practically my brother) along side Micheal (Daniel's brother). The wedding will be either spring break of 2011 or in May or June of 2011. It will depend on the college schedules and how well Daniel's internship goes.
This also means that Daniel and I will be moving in together this fall. We are looking at moving into Mill Pond which is less then a mile away from Daniel's current apartment. I would still be attending classes and keeping my job that I have in Indy, but obviously using more gas. You can visit Mill Pond's website at It is a cute little place. So in the next few months I plan on focusing on buying a dress and using extra money to buy some furniture for our place! We are going with a nest/bird theme for our bedroom, a palm tree bathroom, and a Paris/France theme in the living room along with the kitchen and dinning area! Stay tuned for previews and pictures!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

*late happy st. patty day*

sorry for the lateness- yesterday was St. Patrick's day!

Daniel & I celebrated it by meeting up at Buffalo Wild Wings by Castleton Mall. Then we walked around the mall & I bought 2 Paris theme bags! Why don't we celebrate something French?!? I think Daniel & I will have to make our own French holiday! At least we wore green...

I also got blond highlights*

Sunday, March 14, 2010

a sunny spring break

Daniel and I officially return back to school tomorrow, which ends our spring break. We were not one of the many who spent it in Florida, but I am positive that we enjoyed it better than anyone else and probably remember better then the college students who "drank" in the sun.

On Monday I was awakened by a text at 10am telling me to look out my window. Of course it was Daniel, all excited to start the day with the sun shinning behind him! I remember he cleaned out his car while I got ready. We met his Dad over at Long John Silvers (I can't believe I love a man who eats there ;-) Then ran some errands with the windows rolled down! I was started to get hungry so from my house we walked the block to McDonald's, but enjoyed it so much we walked to the corner of Tilden and Odell. It was nice just to hold each others hand and fill the warm of the sun! We parted ways shortly after so I could spend the night at Purdue with my friends.*

Tuesday, Daniel and I headed up to Muncie. While in Muncie for a few days we looked at apartments for next fall (will explain in a later blog), ate really good- Pizza King, Texas Roadhouse, Frozen Yogurt, and I watched rented movies while he painted a model car. I love just being in the same room with him, even if we are working on separate things!

Thursday evening we were back to Brownsburg to have dinner with his Dad and Roxanne. Friday we started early and ate a lunch at Applebees. Bowled two games and both times we each scored under 100. I think we need more practice! But we both make each other feel like a winner! :-) Then we did some Avon store browsing of things we would like to have! That's always fun! And finished off by watching the new movie- Remember Me. We both enjoyed it being dramatic, slow at some points, but how they ended the movie left me shocked and in tears!

It is off to bed for me! I feel like I have tons of things to do before class tomorrow! I hope everyone is enjoying this spring weather.... weather reports have us in the high 50s this week!!*~

Monday, March 1, 2010


All thought about our wedding might be moved forward, stay tuned in the next few weeks!!....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

flowers for wedding

Above is the blue hydrangea bouquet of flower I want to carry for the wedding but white ribbon to cover the stems.

Above is a white, light blue tent hydrangea bouquet that I want Ashley (my maid of honor) to carry with a light green ribbon to cover the stems. She'll be wearing a simple light blue dress of her choice.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Knot

On Facebook I am a fan of The Knot on Friday they posted this save the date invitation idea;

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

in honor of lent

Although I have only attended church at Christmas in the past year, the traditions of religion is still important to me. This year for lent Daniel will be giving up pop and I will exercise daily. I was a fit up until my last few years of high school. I was a swimmer and a dancer for more then half my life, thus far. But have been slacking majorly in the recent years. I would love to join a gym, but I rather spend the money else where and I really don't have a partner, since Daniel lives in Muncie. So to start lent and exercise on a budget, I created a youtube account. For today I found three Special K workout that ties in with Zumba. Here is the link to my YouTube workout playlist.
I think my goal is to add on videos every other day to make the workout last longer, or have tougher material. But today's was tough! Not only did I loose all prior knowledge of using my hands in feet in different directions, making me look like a funky chicken, but I was panting in the first few minutes. I am very much out of shape! So in honor of lent Daniel & I will try to be a little more healthy. Wish us luck*

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Holiday Decorations

Like I mentioned in the previous blog, I plan on decorating parts of our future place with Holiday or Seasonal decorations. My future sister-in-law, Lindsay, did some decorating at her home this year with help from Avery. Check it out:

So, today we went to Target & bought 4 large heart plates, 4 small heart plates, and 4 glasses, all half price. They will look really cute on some shinny white place mats. I will try to look at Jo Anns or Michaels for some more clearance Valentines for actually decorations.

*But I had a great three days with Daniel. We will see each other on Saturday to celebrate Lindsay's birthday. Then on Sunday before Daniel heads back to BSU we are going to a Bride Event at the Montage, in the Castleton area.*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

vday plans

So after sleeping in today, Daniel & I went to
Outback Steakhouse*
It was delicious*
We walked around Target, Toys r' Us, and
Best Buy.
I bought the 8th season of Scrubs.
So I've watched 5 episodes of it, while Daniel edited.
We will probably hang out, maybe get some food.

Tomorrow we are going back to Target to buy some clearance Valentine
plates & cups, to use for our future house.
One thing I have gain from my mom is adding themed decorations
for the house depending on the holiday or season!
Target already has some great spring stuff out!

Gifts for me*

Daniel themed all my presents~ France.
I got Paris pjs, he framed my art work,
two paris them shirts & a laptop desk*

Plus "Return to Tiffanys" earrings*
the creative gifts were my favorite!*

gifts for daniels*

For Valentines Day I got Daniel a watch from Fossil, a custom calendar,
tickets to the David Gray concert in March!*~

Saturday, February 13, 2010

a quick hello*

i am waiting for daniel to get out of a film meeting for a batman fan film being filmed in indy in the next few monthes*

tomorrow is valentines day~ we don't have any special plans. tonight after his meeting we are heading to bsu and I will be staying until Tuesday afternoon!* i am really looking forward to my muncie escape! we are going to exchange gifts once we get there. pictures will probably be posted tomorrow. Daniel most likely has a few hours of editing to do. plus studying for school on monday.

we have figured at how we want our cake to look like. its going to be a surprise!

hope everyone is having a good valentine weekend!*~

Monday, February 8, 2010

valentines cards*

to the 30 some people who received a valentine card from Daniel & I- welcome to our blog!

This is year Daniel & I wanted to venture out from our parents to start sending cards. My mother has always been into Hallmark greeting cards. She rarely misses a birthday, and is always sending out cards to people ill, a death in a family, or to congratulate. So to make us a unique couple, definitely since mail is a dying art, we will be sending family members cards for special holidays & birthdays! Already this year we've had Daniel's uncle Bob & his mom. I hope the Valentine's cards weren't too odd, not too many people send them out.

I do have to say, I like how Hallmark has thought outside of the box. Not only can you add your own picture & voice, but some have a picture dvd to make! (Although I've been making picture DVDs of the past few Comic Cons).

Daniel & I haven't finalized any Valentine plans. I do already have his gift bought & wrapped!* More later...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

oh to dream...

I know that I have grown up when I spend my free time watching HGTV. My favorite show to watch is House Hunters International & Property Virgins. My main complaint in most of the shows don't show the housing layouts. When I was in elementary school I would always do sketches of homes as if I was an architect. Which used to be my dream job by getting my degree through BSU. I am not sure really what changed my mine, I did a job shadow in junior high.

So tonight while sitting here on the couch watching HGTV I went on and started searching for Condos in Burbank, California. Affordable houses in Burbank are mostly old and have been foreclosed. With the same amount of money (between $350,000 & $399,000) we can get a fairly new condo.

Now I titled this "oh to dream.." because I know that buying a condo deals like buying a house. So the likeliness of this becoming a reality in the next few years is very small. But here are some of our favorites (this one i wish he had the money for now- its practically half off! buy now- rent for a year!)

oh to dream!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where I [We] Will Be in 5 to 10 Years

A few days ago I was assigned to write a few paragraphs on where I expected to be in my career in five and ten years from now. Of course, the first thing that popped into my head was: I don't care as long as I am with Daniel. We all know Daniel will still be in the film business, but its hard telling how important he will be in the next ten years. (We'll still love him even if he's not famous ;-) )

If you don't know, I am an associate manager at the Eagle Highlands movie theater just off of 465 & West 38th Street. I have officially had the job for 90 days. I enjoy the job a lot. I can handle "yelling" at kids who are too loud, calming down unsatisfied customers, picking up the slack of employees, and staying calm when we are busy and under-staffed. I could see myself being an associate for no more then two years. To handle so much responsibility I don't get paid equally. But where am I supposed to go from there?
I prefer not to be a manager of a movie theater but I also don't want a job that I sit in front of a computer all day. I have a wedding planning course that I will finish in the next year. I did pay a huge sum of money for it. It's impossible to get party/wedding planning experience in Indiana. People here barely have the money to spend on the wedding, let alone pay someone a few thousands to plan it. I think it would be fun to be in Hollywood or New York City (where ever Daniel's films take him) and planning events that Heidi & Lauren from the Hills plan. Every event would be something new and I could meet a lot of different people. I would also be able to wear styled clothes, something I don't get to do often. I think it would be the closest I could get to be in the Hollywood Glam.

Plus. I could tell you all the celebrates secrets ;-)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My [future] Husband Makes Movies

*here is a clip from the fabulous musical/movie titled "my husband makes movies"
(figured it related ;-) )
Trailers & Clips: Nine - My Husband Makes Movies

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wedding Scheming

So I did some wedding scheming. I practically have a presentation to give to my parents then to Daniel's family. For the most part it is traditional, but I rearranged a few things to make it cost a lot less! I don't want to give too much away because I need to ok it with those people. But the reason I went so simple is because Daniel & I just could justify spending so much on one day that only means so much to a few certain people.

The only thing I want out of our wedding is;
1. Be Married to Daniel
2. Look Amazing
3. Getting plenty of pictures
4. Having an amazing honeymoon with actual value
5. Getting on the right financial foot after the marriage

hoping they like it, not sure when I will pitch it!*~

Friday, January 8, 2010

Vacate Your Life

All the way home I was struggling on how to start the stories of our cruise. Not that I have the best start now, but after watching Leap Year and realizing my vacation is over this is what I have come up with....

If you know me, you know i am in love with travel. My parents have bless me with seeing the many parts of the US, even some parts of Europe. I am not a reader, I rather learn about history by listening of its origins at it's origin. Daniel, a reader, still feels that passion to travel around the world. We look at it as away to vacate our life and to explore the Earth's past. We plan on doing as much travel in our future, hoping to never have to visit another place more then once, knowing there is too much to see.
About nine hours ago we arrived back in Brownsburg. There were a fair amount of little things that could have been better about this trip, but I feel no reason to dwell on them. Tampa was a first time visit along with our cruise's stops of Grand Cayman on Monday and Cozumel, Mexico on Tuesday. I went on this cruise with the mind set of relaxation and that is what I did. I embraced the sun during the day while listening to music or either talking to Daniel. Once on the beach we splashed around in the warm ocean water that we wouldn't allow to go past our knees. If we were up early we went to bed shortly after dinner. Overall it was just a great environment for Daniel & I to reconnect (although I think we made it through the crazy holiday season without any problems).Work starts tomorrow night for me, although I am not scheduled more then 16 hours this week. Daniel & I both start classes back on Monday. He will actually be heading to Ball State in the morning to get things accomplished. I am already starting to miss him and wishing our vacation didn't have to end so soon...
See more pictures at:

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bringing in a New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am sitting in the Embassy Suites in Tampa, Florida. After I got off work at 1:30am on Thursday morning, Daniel, Michael & I set out to Florida with Steak and Shake food. We dealt with light snow through Indiana, but by Kentucky it was rain. Our scenic drive was mostly cloudy, rain showers on occasion, and a little sunshine. Trust me, I am not complaining! I was trying not to get too excited because I was a little scared of the weather being bad in Indiana and the mountains. Daniel did the driving to Atlanta and Michael did the rest. Once in southern Georgia we felt the warm weather to brighten the moods. We arrived at our hotel just after 8pm. We are staying at an Embassy suites on the east Tampa line, next to the city of Brandon. I got a great deal on the stay and we are allowed to leave our car here while on the cruise and they have a shuttle scheduled for us. Daniel & I are sitting in the living area of the suite, while Michael is still in bed. We have the television turned on to CNN, like we did every morning while living in California.Daniel is working on sudoku puzzles and we are sharing his iPod, currently listing to "Kathleen" by David Gray.

After arriving to the hotel I took a shower and we went to Applebee's. I was hoping for something more exciting since it was my first new years after being 21. But I was still satisfied, we were all living on little sleep. Applebee's still had there half price appetizers and were doing two drinks for the price of one! Daniel had a Heineken, Michael had beer too, and I had a Strawberry Daiquiri. Daniel had my second one! We did watch the New York Ball drop from in the hotel room, but could hear fireworks outside.

As of new years resolutions Daniel & I haven't made any. Last year I had the plans to write a book which I wrote over 100 "Microsoft Word" pages, but I scratched that project because I couldn't figure out the direction I wanted to go with it.

Well Michael is up, so I am going to make some playlists on the iTouch Ashley let me burrow! I will try to write tonight!!

Happy New Years, again!!*