Tuesday, January 26, 2010

oh to dream...

I know that I have grown up when I spend my free time watching HGTV. My favorite show to watch is House Hunters International & Property Virgins. My main complaint in most of the shows don't show the housing layouts. When I was in elementary school I would always do sketches of homes as if I was an architect. Which used to be my dream job by getting my degree through BSU. I am not sure really what changed my mine, I did a job shadow in junior high.

So tonight while sitting here on the couch watching HGTV I went on realtor.com and started searching for Condos in Burbank, California. Affordable houses in Burbank are mostly old and have been foreclosed. With the same amount of money (between $350,000 & $399,000) we can get a fairly new condo.

Now I titled this "oh to dream.." because I know that buying a condo deals like buying a house. So the likeliness of this becoming a reality in the next few years is very small. But here are some of our favorites

http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/201-East-Angeleno-Unit-123_Burbank_CA_91502_1115389303 (this one i wish he had the money for now- its practically half off! buy now- rent for a year!)




oh to dream!

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