Friday, January 1, 2010

Bringing in a New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am sitting in the Embassy Suites in Tampa, Florida. After I got off work at 1:30am on Thursday morning, Daniel, Michael & I set out to Florida with Steak and Shake food. We dealt with light snow through Indiana, but by Kentucky it was rain. Our scenic drive was mostly cloudy, rain showers on occasion, and a little sunshine. Trust me, I am not complaining! I was trying not to get too excited because I was a little scared of the weather being bad in Indiana and the mountains. Daniel did the driving to Atlanta and Michael did the rest. Once in southern Georgia we felt the warm weather to brighten the moods. We arrived at our hotel just after 8pm. We are staying at an Embassy suites on the east Tampa line, next to the city of Brandon. I got a great deal on the stay and we are allowed to leave our car here while on the cruise and they have a shuttle scheduled for us. Daniel & I are sitting in the living area of the suite, while Michael is still in bed. We have the television turned on to CNN, like we did every morning while living in California.Daniel is working on sudoku puzzles and we are sharing his iPod, currently listing to "Kathleen" by David Gray.

After arriving to the hotel I took a shower and we went to Applebee's. I was hoping for something more exciting since it was my first new years after being 21. But I was still satisfied, we were all living on little sleep. Applebee's still had there half price appetizers and were doing two drinks for the price of one! Daniel had a Heineken, Michael had beer too, and I had a Strawberry Daiquiri. Daniel had my second one! We did watch the New York Ball drop from in the hotel room, but could hear fireworks outside.

As of new years resolutions Daniel & I haven't made any. Last year I had the plans to write a book which I wrote over 100 "Microsoft Word" pages, but I scratched that project because I couldn't figure out the direction I wanted to go with it.

Well Michael is up, so I am going to make some playlists on the iTouch Ashley let me burrow! I will try to write tonight!!

Happy New Years, again!!*

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