Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Holiday(s)

I am finding it hard to sleep... I have just been laying in bed smiling about how wonderful this Christmas was. I did receive a lot more gifts then I was expecting and I prefer not to go into too much detail about that. All those great presents can't compare to how great full I am to have Daniel.

I spent most of the beginning of the week dealing with a cold & the sores that come with it, but of course Daniel was great. He drove me to and from work a few times.Other then already planned family activities we weren't able to see one another as I would have liked. I did get good work hours. But once I was starting to fill better, he had about 24 hours of sickness from some food not agreeing with him and heart-burn. It's weird to see Daniel in so much pain, he is rarely sick. He had to leave early on Christmas eve because he just needed some rest. Which also meant he wasn't able to attend church service with my family. I was so sad! My first thought was, "it's my favorite church service at a church I hadn't been to since the previous Christmas and I don't want to attend it without him." Then I became mad because I didn't want to go to the service, I wanted to be laying at his side to get him whatever he needed! Like he always does for me!By morning he was more coherent to life and his surrounding. He opened presents in some pain, but it was AMAZING being able to lean a few inches to get in a quick cuddle or a small kiss. It was my favorite thing! I can see all the presents to remind myself what I received, but the most memorable thing about Christmas was just having Daniel there. He finally got better once I got to my house & gave him some back and body medicine. (Wish we would have thought of that earlier) I am more then sure that all I will want in my life for the next *hundred* Christmas with just be able to cuddle with Daniel*

((Merry Christmas & I love you, Daniel))

*Thanks to Kayleigh & Michael for the canvas of a snapshot of our engagement, its really artsy & I will treasury it forever!* ((Loved everyone else's gifts too, but that one dealt with Daniel & I))

Daniel & I will be leaving for Tampa early morning on Thursday December 31 to go on a western Caribbean cruise...will try to blog again before then!*~

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