Tuesday, January 26, 2010

oh to dream...

I know that I have grown up when I spend my free time watching HGTV. My favorite show to watch is House Hunters International & Property Virgins. My main complaint in most of the shows don't show the housing layouts. When I was in elementary school I would always do sketches of homes as if I was an architect. Which used to be my dream job by getting my degree through BSU. I am not sure really what changed my mine, I did a job shadow in junior high.

So tonight while sitting here on the couch watching HGTV I went on realtor.com and started searching for Condos in Burbank, California. Affordable houses in Burbank are mostly old and have been foreclosed. With the same amount of money (between $350,000 & $399,000) we can get a fairly new condo.

Now I titled this "oh to dream.." because I know that buying a condo deals like buying a house. So the likeliness of this becoming a reality in the next few years is very small. But here are some of our favorites

http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/201-East-Angeleno-Unit-123_Burbank_CA_91502_1115389303 (this one i wish he had the money for now- its practically half off! buy now- rent for a year!)




oh to dream!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where I [We] Will Be in 5 to 10 Years

A few days ago I was assigned to write a few paragraphs on where I expected to be in my career in five and ten years from now. Of course, the first thing that popped into my head was: I don't care as long as I am with Daniel. We all know Daniel will still be in the film business, but its hard telling how important he will be in the next ten years. (We'll still love him even if he's not famous ;-) )

If you don't know, I am an associate manager at the Eagle Highlands movie theater just off of 465 & West 38th Street. I have officially had the job for 90 days. I enjoy the job a lot. I can handle "yelling" at kids who are too loud, calming down unsatisfied customers, picking up the slack of employees, and staying calm when we are busy and under-staffed. I could see myself being an associate for no more then two years. To handle so much responsibility I don't get paid equally. But where am I supposed to go from there?
I prefer not to be a manager of a movie theater but I also don't want a job that I sit in front of a computer all day. I have a wedding planning course that I will finish in the next year. I did pay a huge sum of money for it. It's impossible to get party/wedding planning experience in Indiana. People here barely have the money to spend on the wedding, let alone pay someone a few thousands to plan it. I think it would be fun to be in Hollywood or New York City (where ever Daniel's films take him) and planning events that Heidi & Lauren from the Hills plan. Every event would be something new and I could meet a lot of different people. I would also be able to wear styled clothes, something I don't get to do often. I think it would be the closest I could get to be in the Hollywood Glam.

Plus. I could tell you all the celebrates secrets ;-)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My [future] Husband Makes Movies

*here is a clip from the fabulous musical/movie titled "my husband makes movies"
(figured it related ;-) )
Trailers & Clips: Nine - My Husband Makes Movies

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wedding Scheming

So I did some wedding scheming. I practically have a presentation to give to my parents then to Daniel's family. For the most part it is traditional, but I rearranged a few things to make it cost a lot less! I don't want to give too much away because I need to ok it with those people. But the reason I went so simple is because Daniel & I just could justify spending so much on one day that only means so much to a few certain people.

The only thing I want out of our wedding is;
1. Be Married to Daniel
2. Look Amazing
3. Getting plenty of pictures
4. Having an amazing honeymoon with actual value
5. Getting on the right financial foot after the marriage

hoping they like it, not sure when I will pitch it!*~

Friday, January 8, 2010

Vacate Your Life

All the way home I was struggling on how to start the stories of our cruise. Not that I have the best start now, but after watching Leap Year and realizing my vacation is over this is what I have come up with....

If you know me, you know i am in love with travel. My parents have bless me with seeing the many parts of the US, even some parts of Europe. I am not a reader, I rather learn about history by listening of its origins at it's origin. Daniel, a reader, still feels that passion to travel around the world. We look at it as away to vacate our life and to explore the Earth's past. We plan on doing as much travel in our future, hoping to never have to visit another place more then once, knowing there is too much to see.
About nine hours ago we arrived back in Brownsburg. There were a fair amount of little things that could have been better about this trip, but I feel no reason to dwell on them. Tampa was a first time visit along with our cruise's stops of Grand Cayman on Monday and Cozumel, Mexico on Tuesday. I went on this cruise with the mind set of relaxation and that is what I did. I embraced the sun during the day while listening to music or either talking to Daniel. Once on the beach we splashed around in the warm ocean water that we wouldn't allow to go past our knees. If we were up early we went to bed shortly after dinner. Overall it was just a great environment for Daniel & I to reconnect (although I think we made it through the crazy holiday season without any problems).Work starts tomorrow night for me, although I am not scheduled more then 16 hours this week. Daniel & I both start classes back on Monday. He will actually be heading to Ball State in the morning to get things accomplished. I am already starting to miss him and wishing our vacation didn't have to end so soon...
See more pictures at: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2036180&id=1160010056&l=b85af2077b

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bringing in a New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am sitting in the Embassy Suites in Tampa, Florida. After I got off work at 1:30am on Thursday morning, Daniel, Michael & I set out to Florida with Steak and Shake food. We dealt with light snow through Indiana, but by Kentucky it was rain. Our scenic drive was mostly cloudy, rain showers on occasion, and a little sunshine. Trust me, I am not complaining! I was trying not to get too excited because I was a little scared of the weather being bad in Indiana and the mountains. Daniel did the driving to Atlanta and Michael did the rest. Once in southern Georgia we felt the warm weather to brighten the moods. We arrived at our hotel just after 8pm. We are staying at an Embassy suites on the east Tampa line, next to the city of Brandon. I got a great deal on the stay and we are allowed to leave our car here while on the cruise and they have a shuttle scheduled for us. Daniel & I are sitting in the living area of the suite, while Michael is still in bed. We have the television turned on to CNN, like we did every morning while living in California.Daniel is working on sudoku puzzles and we are sharing his iPod, currently listing to "Kathleen" by David Gray.

After arriving to the hotel I took a shower and we went to Applebee's. I was hoping for something more exciting since it was my first new years after being 21. But I was still satisfied, we were all living on little sleep. Applebee's still had there half price appetizers and were doing two drinks for the price of one! Daniel had a Heineken, Michael had beer too, and I had a Strawberry Daiquiri. Daniel had my second one! We did watch the New York Ball drop from in the hotel room, but could hear fireworks outside.

As of new years resolutions Daniel & I haven't made any. Last year I had the plans to write a book which I wrote over 100 "Microsoft Word" pages, but I scratched that project because I couldn't figure out the direction I wanted to go with it.

Well Michael is up, so I am going to make some playlists on the iTouch Ashley let me burrow! I will try to write tonight!!

Happy New Years, again!!*