Friday, January 8, 2010

Vacate Your Life

All the way home I was struggling on how to start the stories of our cruise. Not that I have the best start now, but after watching Leap Year and realizing my vacation is over this is what I have come up with....

If you know me, you know i am in love with travel. My parents have bless me with seeing the many parts of the US, even some parts of Europe. I am not a reader, I rather learn about history by listening of its origins at it's origin. Daniel, a reader, still feels that passion to travel around the world. We look at it as away to vacate our life and to explore the Earth's past. We plan on doing as much travel in our future, hoping to never have to visit another place more then once, knowing there is too much to see.
About nine hours ago we arrived back in Brownsburg. There were a fair amount of little things that could have been better about this trip, but I feel no reason to dwell on them. Tampa was a first time visit along with our cruise's stops of Grand Cayman on Monday and Cozumel, Mexico on Tuesday. I went on this cruise with the mind set of relaxation and that is what I did. I embraced the sun during the day while listening to music or either talking to Daniel. Once on the beach we splashed around in the warm ocean water that we wouldn't allow to go past our knees. If we were up early we went to bed shortly after dinner. Overall it was just a great environment for Daniel & I to reconnect (although I think we made it through the crazy holiday season without any problems).Work starts tomorrow night for me, although I am not scheduled more then 16 hours this week. Daniel & I both start classes back on Monday. He will actually be heading to Ball State in the morning to get things accomplished. I am already starting to miss him and wishing our vacation didn't have to end so soon...
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