Monday, February 8, 2010

valentines cards*

to the 30 some people who received a valentine card from Daniel & I- welcome to our blog!

This is year Daniel & I wanted to venture out from our parents to start sending cards. My mother has always been into Hallmark greeting cards. She rarely misses a birthday, and is always sending out cards to people ill, a death in a family, or to congratulate. So to make us a unique couple, definitely since mail is a dying art, we will be sending family members cards for special holidays & birthdays! Already this year we've had Daniel's uncle Bob & his mom. I hope the Valentine's cards weren't too odd, not too many people send them out.

I do have to say, I like how Hallmark has thought outside of the box. Not only can you add your own picture & voice, but some have a picture dvd to make! (Although I've been making picture DVDs of the past few Comic Cons).

Daniel & I haven't finalized any Valentine plans. I do already have his gift bought & wrapped!* More later...

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