Wednesday, February 17, 2010

in honor of lent

Although I have only attended church at Christmas in the past year, the traditions of religion is still important to me. This year for lent Daniel will be giving up pop and I will exercise daily. I was a fit up until my last few years of high school. I was a swimmer and a dancer for more then half my life, thus far. But have been slacking majorly in the recent years. I would love to join a gym, but I rather spend the money else where and I really don't have a partner, since Daniel lives in Muncie. So to start lent and exercise on a budget, I created a youtube account. For today I found three Special K workout that ties in with Zumba. Here is the link to my YouTube workout playlist.
I think my goal is to add on videos every other day to make the workout last longer, or have tougher material. But today's was tough! Not only did I loose all prior knowledge of using my hands in feet in different directions, making me look like a funky chicken, but I was panting in the first few minutes. I am very much out of shape! So in honor of lent Daniel & I will try to be a little more healthy. Wish us luck*

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