Sunday, March 14, 2010

a sunny spring break

Daniel and I officially return back to school tomorrow, which ends our spring break. We were not one of the many who spent it in Florida, but I am positive that we enjoyed it better than anyone else and probably remember better then the college students who "drank" in the sun.

On Monday I was awakened by a text at 10am telling me to look out my window. Of course it was Daniel, all excited to start the day with the sun shinning behind him! I remember he cleaned out his car while I got ready. We met his Dad over at Long John Silvers (I can't believe I love a man who eats there ;-) Then ran some errands with the windows rolled down! I was started to get hungry so from my house we walked the block to McDonald's, but enjoyed it so much we walked to the corner of Tilden and Odell. It was nice just to hold each others hand and fill the warm of the sun! We parted ways shortly after so I could spend the night at Purdue with my friends.*

Tuesday, Daniel and I headed up to Muncie. While in Muncie for a few days we looked at apartments for next fall (will explain in a later blog), ate really good- Pizza King, Texas Roadhouse, Frozen Yogurt, and I watched rented movies while he painted a model car. I love just being in the same room with him, even if we are working on separate things!

Thursday evening we were back to Brownsburg to have dinner with his Dad and Roxanne. Friday we started early and ate a lunch at Applebees. Bowled two games and both times we each scored under 100. I think we need more practice! But we both make each other feel like a winner! :-) Then we did some Avon store browsing of things we would like to have! That's always fun! And finished off by watching the new movie- Remember Me. We both enjoyed it being dramatic, slow at some points, but how they ended the movie left me shocked and in tears!

It is off to bed for me! I feel like I have tons of things to do before class tomorrow! I hope everyone is enjoying this spring weather.... weather reports have us in the high 50s this week!!*~

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