Sunday, March 21, 2010

Announcement of the Wedding Party

Tonight I officially invited Daniel's sister Lindsay and Daniel's future sister in-law, Kayleigh into our wedding party. The above picture is the card along with a pair of bird earrings that I gave to Ashley (my sister) on Friday. All three girls received the card along with the pair of earrings. This also means we will be adding Matthew Terry (Lindsay's husband) and Matthew Wilburn (practically my brother) along side Micheal (Daniel's brother). The wedding will be either spring break of 2011 or in May or June of 2011. It will depend on the college schedules and how well Daniel's internship goes.
This also means that Daniel and I will be moving in together this fall. We are looking at moving into Mill Pond which is less then a mile away from Daniel's current apartment. I would still be attending classes and keeping my job that I have in Indy, but obviously using more gas. You can visit Mill Pond's website at It is a cute little place. So in the next few months I plan on focusing on buying a dress and using extra money to buy some furniture for our place! We are going with a nest/bird theme for our bedroom, a palm tree bathroom, and a Paris/France theme in the living room along with the kitchen and dinning area! Stay tuned for previews and pictures!

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