Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twilight & "Real" Love

For the past year I have thought Twilight fans were crazy. I have tried once to read the book and struggled in the first few pages. People told me to get past it and the rest would be amazing. If you know me, you know I rarely read. Like Daniel, I prefer books in movie format. So knowing the main concept of Twilight dealt with Vampires and Belle was played by Kristen Stewart I felt like there was no way I could enjoy it; definitely after seeing Kristen in person at Comic Con. But once New Moon came out to theaters I found myself checking up on it a lot.

So last Monday I caved and watched it with Daniel. I do admit that is could have been a better movie. But the love Belle (Kristen) felt for Edward (Robert) was timeless. It was automatic attraction for the both of them. Something that I know is easy for everyone these days. But their love was not easy and never would be. Daniel pushed me away so many times our first year because he wanted to full-fill a career that did not leave much time for love. Daniel was intriguing, he knew he was sweet and he knew he could love, but more then most like Edward, Daniel was trying to protect himself. I am not really sure really what broke him and allowed me into his heart. I do know I am thankful for his love everyday.

Without giving too much away of New Moon, Edward does leave Belle because he thinks he is protecting her. Belle, of course, is heart broken. The only man she has and ever wanted to love has left her, making her days lonely and her nights filled with anger. To know how love can make you feel so alive, but so easy to feel dead. Even with Daniel gone in California, I never got as bad as Belle did. Daniel & I made sure we talked daily & in the night. We occasion would meet via webcam; it always helped to see his face. But I understand how she felt. I find it so hard to get to sleep on a nightly basis because of how much I long for Daniel. I can go for hours not hearing his voice, but once I am ready for sleep I miss him to the extremes. Nights like this I log back online to write or facebook "stalk" to I am too tired to keep my eyes open. I hope no one thinks that is pathetic. Daniel shows me the light of living each day and it will be amazing when every night once we are married that we will always come home to one another at night.

So in twilight's defense and in my love for it... its not about vampires or how attractive the cast is, but how real the love is between Belle & Edward.

((I think I will give the books a second chance during my cruise, I don't think I can wait until June 30th to see the third movie))

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  1. ps. i was listening to new moon soundtrack songs while writing. plus if any movie plays music with mute math & muse of course daniel & i will watch the movie! lol!