Friday, November 27, 2009

Positive Vibe

Tonight, as I finish watching the movie Serendipity I am reminded of a facebook message Daniel received from a former actress. Although her initial request was "different," it brought something to my attention. She wrote the following;

Happy Holidays to you and your sweetheart! You guys look so happy and cute! WIshing all the best and thanks for the positive vibe that comes from your pics and couple:)
I have a question...I'm sorry if I sound weird,but I hope you will have time to reply or maybe Amber will give me tips:) You're a Taurus and a Dragon. I don't know you well enough,but I have the best opinion about you and you seem like you're always super focused on work, loyal,nice to people, but at the same time pretty much keep it to yourself and very serious about your relationship as well.

What's the best way to be a super girl for a Taurus-Dragon? I know we all different and all,but like what is the most valuable and things not to do to push "Taurus/Dragon" away))))) I'm writing this and laughing hard

I wanted to answer this, in my opinion....

Daniel has a brilliant mind, we all know that. He has natural talent, but he knows he still has to work hard and to gain contacts and respect from different kinds of people. He really is tolerate of everyone. Loyal to myself, his family, and his friends. Every day he try's his hardest to make his life worth being alive, no matter what it involves. But I think what really makes us enjoy life and our relationship is we never take hardships too seriously. Sometimes when we are together we act junior high aged. We stay in the boundaries of being responsible. And now I am having difficulty trying to explain it....

When you first meet someone, you are always trying to show them your good aspects of being human. We try to smile more, not take things so seriously, always look our best, etc. But being human is being perfect. So we can't expect one another to always be happy, always look like a "million dollars." I know I have had my days where I felt like it was the end of the world, but after we have got to are lowest points, the only other way is up. So now after four years of being together, just knowing that he is still standing by my side and I support everything he does. And how easily he can put a smile on my face or vice versa. It's about finding that positive vibe and never taking things too serious in a relationship. There is no reason to get angry or fight over uncooked or burnt cookies. No reason to yell if the other forgot something important. Things happen, real love doesn't let them get in the way. We work hard to achieve whatever makes us happy. And supporting Daniel & what can be a very uncertain film business- well I wouldn't have it any other way. :-)

((Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, Daniel))

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