Monday, November 16, 2009

I am writing to inform you of what has been talked about and what for sure is coming up for Daniel & I.

Wedding planning has been very much put on hold. Not knowing where Daniel will be headed has kept my parents from deciding on a budget, and the same goes for even coming up with what we really want. I mention every so often on another game plan. I am not like every other girl, I do not want a fantasy over done wedding, I want a marriage. I want to know that no matter how busy Daniel & I can get during the day, that at night we'll always come together. We've don't mind the idea of having a very intimate ceremony with just our family. We would rather spend the money to visit Europe. We also do not know what kind of job Daniel will have after he graduates and I will go where he goes. We also don't want to be apart for months. I think the plan is for him to find a job, move out there, then for me to start looking for a job out there & when prospects seem good, then we could start planning that intimate wedding with just a few weeks notice.

But anyways...

This Thanksgiving will be the first Thanksgiving Daniel & I will actually get to spend some time together. We are going to be starting a new tradition that we will carry out once we are married. Daniel, as many of you know, does not like turkey. For the past few years his mom has had to make him grilled cheese on the occasion. This year we will be having Brinner (breakfast food for dinner). This year since we are still close to family will be celebrating being thankful for each other the day before Thanksgiving. We plan on shopping, baking, & setting up our very first Christmas tree next Wednesday! We both are really looking forward to it! On thanksgiving we will be seeing his Dad's side of the family in Carmel, then doing another helping at my house. Hopefully I will have time for a nap, because most likely I will be working the night shift. Stay tuned for our Thanksgiving blog with pictures!!

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