Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One of a Kind Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!*~

Like I mention in the previous blog, we started a new Thanksgiving tradition. We woke up to begin our adventure with the adventurous filmmaking of Robert Zemeckis and The Polar Express. Amber had never seen the film but like Daniel had grown up with book. Although the book was expanded upon with multiple scenes of train-racing excitement, the film succeeded at starting up our engines for the day. We did however need to complete some cleaning of the living area and running of some forgotten errands, most notably to Meijer for some paper towels and gift boxes. Because Thanskgiving activities with the family will take up most of the actual Thanksgiving day tomorrow, we decided to have our own special meal today. What was the meal, you ask? Brinner! A.K.A, breakfast-for-dinner! Bacon was the first course, although our new griddle made them either burned or severely under-cooked. Scrambled cheesy eggs for Daniel were actually made to perfection, thanks to a quick Googling of the recipe beforehand. Cheesy smokey-links were baked in the oven, although in the end they were a little too strong tasting to jive succesfully with the rest of the meal. Bannanas were unwrapped, sliced, and covered in sugar. Hash browns were attempted, but trying to cook all of them at once in a short amount of time made them mushy and not very edible. Finally, some blueberry eggos were thrown in the toaster and delightfully enjoyed. For our beverages, Daniel had a tall glass of milk. In addition, we both sipped on small glasses of Fuzzy Navels, or orange juice with a dash of peach schnapps. Were definitely going to be that couple who makes lots of cooking mistakes on their early journey through adulthood, so thank goodness for emergency restaraunts such as Steak N' Shake and pizza!

Our next activity was putting together our first tree as a couple! The previous day, we went to the luxurious Wal-Mart and bought a bargain-hunters delight of a 6' tree for only $20. But surprisingly enough, the tree came together nicely and looked wonderful. We decorated the tree with many of Daniel's Batman ornaments that had been collected over the years, then polished off with special ornaments that we picked out together in the previous weeks. Silver balls and white snowflakes filled in the gaps, while special ornaments of each's choosing were dotted here and there; Amber hung glittery ornaments such as a random blue key and many colorful phrases such as "HOHOHO" and "BELIEVE". Daniel picked put a special Christmas bird to hide towards the top. Finally, it was finished with a bright star on top and 200 white lights. We also hung up our first purchased stockings, highlighted with the a silver pinned "A" for Amber and "D" for Daniel. They will be filled on Christmas Eve night with each of eachother's favorite holiday candies.
In the evening, we snuggled up in our newly bought holiday pj's (seen above) and watched some more holiday movies. Daniel picked out Lindsay's favorite "Prancer", a definite tear jerker! Then they watched a new inspirational film called "The Christmas Cottage," telling the story of a young Thomas Kinkade and his town's Christmas in 1977. Alhtough it felt like more of a "tv movie" with some random and dry parts, it ended with an inspirational message of cherishing one's creativity and humility! Then we made another quick dash to the video store to return some movies. Now we are ending our night with the our new-traditional Thanksgiving film of "Love Actually." We look forward to spending quality time with our family over this year's holiday season! Once again, happy Thanksgiving! This is Amber and Daniel signing off, reminding all of you to take time to enjoy one another's company and love eachother to the fullest!

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