Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beginning of the Holidays*

Halloween was last week, and Daniel & I finally one with some tradition. The first year we met, I worked on Halloween. It was was also the first night that my parents met him, he was dressed up with Tyler has the brothers of Boondock Saints. I remember my mother asking me after he left if the tattoos were real!
The following year (our senior year), I ended up ill and went home during my first class. I was Batgirl, and he was the Joker, but at that time we were having issues. So it was me trying to look good in a Batgirl suit ;-)

Of course we weren't able to be together our Freshman year in college. I am not sure what he did that evening, but I attended a college party
dressed up like a bubble bee*

Sophomore year we celebrated Halloween in California. Daniel did have a film set that weekend, so we had no big plans. He did put together a nurse joker costume from the Dark Knight movie. It turned out amazing! So he was dressed up while we carved fake pumpkins that we still have today.

So this this year we were both in the same state & knew our friend Alyssa would be having a party to celebrate her 21st birthday. Daniel allowed me to pick what we wanted to be, so as soon as I saw a french girl costume I had to be it. Pictured below is our costumes, we had a great Halloween! It will be the start of many more to come~ next year we'll have to do pumpkins too!!*~

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