Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daniel says hello!

Hello! So we have started brainstorming ideas, and come to find out I'm actually pretty picky! For the reception, I would really like it to be at night, or someplace inside that we can make look like night. I like the idea of the ceremony being bright with sunlight yet the reception being dark and filled with moonlight. The reception mood could be set with low lighting and candles to create a glow effect, very romantic. Wooden floors is also a big must for me in regards to the reception room, something elegant. Our search will continue, but I like the Fountain Square idea too. The fake buildings on the walls creates a European small town feel, which is cool, and looks cool in their nighttime lighting. My artistic style and cinematic vision will hopefully aid us in making a really cool setting at still a low budget.

On Dress - Amber hasn't actively started looking for dresses yet, but luckily she is OK with me seeing it as long as it's not ON her, which is good. Not being able to see it at all would be worrisome. But when she does start looking, she is looking for something simplistic and maybe lacey. Her favorite one from a magazine is one from Trudys, though she might be embarrassed to show it because she is under the impression that it is like $3k. But anyways, here is a photo, it at least will help her to show people the idea of the dress she wants *note, the picture includes a huge bow thing that she would take off*

That's it for now, talk to you soon.


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