Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Post

Hello Friends & Family!*~
I have found myself buzzed again about being engaged to Daniel. The stress of getting back to school mode weakened the excitement for a bit but now I am back in full gear. I hope you received our engagement announcements, if not please email or facebook Daniel or I your address. I was really happy with the way the announcements turned out. We plan for our friend Emily to take some engagement pictures through out Downtown, Indianapolis in the next month.
In the last few days I have been searching for a ceremony location, for pricing reasons. I don't foresee my parents giving us a lot, but I still want it elegant. I do keep coming back to Fountain Square Theater, look at the following links for pictures;
The walling is incredible, and Daniel likes it too. The problem is: it is some what expensive. Would it be cheap of me to ask the guest to pay for their alcoholic drinks? It would probably be the only way I could afford Fountain Sqaure. Please post comments. Also we are really thinking about having a Sunday Wedding, saves $500 at Fountain Square.


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